Celebrating 10 years

Divyam Tamang
(Head & Admin)


Divyam began his music studies with his keyboard teacher Mr Suraj Mani Burmay in his hometown of
Darjeeling. He pursued his higher studies in music under Mr., Phillip Thomas at the Bangalore Conservatory for three years where he majored in Music Education with piano as his main instrument. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Music in 2016. Divyam has taught piano at the Centre for Music Education, Wings School of Music, Bangalore Conservatory and Furtados School of Music. He is experienced with teaching in school and classroom settings, and group classes. Comfortable with different age groups of any level, Divyam also accompanies vocal soloists and choirs.

Anish Thomas Panikkar


started taking keyboard lessons from Mr. Jiji Alex at the age of 9. He was later introduced to Western Classical music by Dr. Aswan Thomas Elias, under whose tutelage he passed the grade 8 piano exam of the ABRSM. He continued his higher studies with Neecia Majolly, under whose guidance he was awarded the Associate of LCM in piano performance in the year 2013, and now also the recipient of the Kawai Rolling Trophy for Outstanding Musician(Diploma) with his recent qualification of Dip. Teaching (Piano). Currently he is pursuing his higher studies in piano with Neecia Majolly.
Anish is a composer of music and has had the experience of working together with many professional musicians in his hometown of Trivandrum. He has also been the keyboardist for the pop band Paradiso and the Hindustani fusion band Srishti, both of which have many stage shows to their credit. He has also been on the judging panel for band competitions in many intercollege cultural fests in Trivandrum.

Imsennochetla Longchar


Ms Longchar has had a passion for music since childhood. She started singing in choir at the age of 11.She learnt basic staff notation and solfege while studying Theology. In 2003, she completed her Bachelor of Theology from Clark Theological College and worked as full time Choir Director for 7 years at Changtongya Town Baptist Church, Nagaland. To further enhance her musical training, she studied music and graduated in 2014 has been teaching at the Bangalore Conservatory and pursued her Master studies while teaching. Just recently in June , she completed her Master of Music in Music Education and is currently serving as a full time faculty at the Bangalore Conservatory as Head of the Music Education Department. She is also pursuing her Master of Music in Western Vocal Performance and has completed her first year. She loves performing as well.

Nessa pic.jpg
Nesakholu Nienu


Nesakholu began taking Piano lessons privately at the age of 16 from Mrs Kuvesulu, a virtuouso pianist in Phek town, Nagaland. The active involvement in church choir helped lay a solid foundation for sight singing and in choir performance. She completed Grade-3 in Piano while attending the classes at Rock school of Music, Shillong (2016).Halfway through the Bachelors of Arts progaramme, Nesa realised the call to become a musician and without further ado, joined the Bangalore Conservatory of Music for Bachelor of Vocal performance. Currently a student of renowned vocal coach and trainer Dr. Ken Henson, she has also passed the Piano Proficiency exam with flying colours. Nesa has experience in teaching students at the Summer Music Seminar (SMS) at Bangalore Conservatory and has also helped with training of children for the Children’s Choir at CME, Kalyan Nagar, Hennur.Nesa gives online classes to kids and adults alike in western classical music and pop & rock.