Celebrating 10 years

About Us

Situated in a quiet corner in an unlikely neighbourhood of old Bengaluru is The Majolly Music Trust, the realization of a long cherished dream of Founder – Director, Neecia Majolly. Founded in February 2011, the MMT is committed to the highest standards of music performance and teaching through :

  • instrumental and vocal music, music theatre, symphonic and choral music, and music technology.

  • training aspiring teachers of music, music theatre and music technology to a high standard of teaching.

  • training underprivileged youth in the above and facilitate a career in music and music technology as a viable option.

  • promotion of young talent through our Young Performers’ Concert Series.

  • creating scholarships for deserving students of the above to facilitate further studies in music and music technology which would otherwise not be viable.

  • creating awareness of the above to music-loving public through solo concerts, music theatre productions, orchestral and choir concerts, music appreciation workshops, summer music camps, competitions, etc.

  • creating a PENSION FUND for aged and infirm musicians, the first of its kind in India. We are already assisting a few musicians with a monthly sum to help with rent/medicines/food, and hope to add more to the list, with YOUR help.

Who we are

Founder – Trustee: Neecia Majolly (concert-pianist, singer, teacher, choir director, composer)

Fellow Trustees: Ricky Kej (Grammy winning music director/music producer), Rajendra Chaturvedi (CEO of Theme Piano Company)

Head and Admin: Divyam Tamang

Joint Secretary: Madhukar Christopher (Proprieter, Fulcrum Productions)

Treasurer: Divyam Tamang, Anish Thomas Panikkar

Advisors: Madhukar Christopher , Ashwin Prabhakaran (Manager of Theme Piano World, Bangalore), Ravi S, Pothen Jacob (freelance consultant)

Webmaster: Nikhil Shrikant Badwe